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This is it! A Northwoods Wedding has launched and we are ready to start taking submissions! We’re genuinely excited for you to see and partake in our truly unique, inspirational wedding blog. The new design is dazzling, and we’re seeking oodles of content to post and publish. Click on the SUBMIT tab to get started and to…

We have some super exciting news!  Twig & Olive Photography is thrilled to announce the revival of A Northwoods Wedding, one of the best wedding blogs in the Midwest!  Created and maintained by Jenna Kutcher, we are excited to take it over and branch out into this new venture.  More information to come in the…

Navjot Design -

Looking forward to seeing the new launch happen! Can’t wait to see what you guys will be sharing over the next few months. Any 2017 wedding trend predictions?

Hi lovelies, it’s Jenna, I’m here to share a bittersweet message with everyone. This has been something I have been thinking about for a long time, something I have questioned and toiled with but something that I am finally sharing. It is with a little sadness and a lot of dreaming that I am closing up…

Amy -

This makes me sad as ANW has been a wonderful place for midwest inspiration and love!! I applaud you ladies for the work that you have done to share how really great the midwest is! Makes me miss home so much! But I am excited for the new life-living adventures you will be having. There is nothing wrong with saying no and I love that you know that you have bigger dreams ahead! All my best to you!

Cathleen -

I think it is safe to say that we will all miss you. Good luck with your endeavors and if you ever decide to bring ANW back to life, we will welcome you back!

Chelsey -

Would you be open to have someone take it over?

Mandie -

Whatever you do next, you’ll be amazing at. I have spent countless hours of my life dreaming of awesome projects, blogs, companies, and ideas that would be so much fun- but when weighed against time with my favorite people and my little fur family, they always lose. You will not regret choosing your loved ones over work, even when the work is so much fun. XoXo, and best of the best wishes to you in your future endeavors!

The bride and groom are getting married at a vineyard in Wisconsin this fall. They wanted to incorporate wine into their engagement session. Why not enjoy a bottle around a campfire with roasted marshmallows. They wanted a warm, cozy vibe to show off the beautiful Minnesota fall days. After the campfire, they headed to downtown Stillwater…