DAY SIX: more than just flowers

on the sixth day of christmas, ANW gave to thee – beautiful floral dreams. we love fabulous floral arrangements, nature, + stunning midwest adoration. which is exactly why we are so excited to introduce you to the lovely team at la petite fleur. making nature into stunning wedding creations that will leave you swooning. without further ado… 

We at La Petite Fleur are truly honored and blessed to have been asked to be the guest blogger for day six of the countdown to Christmas! To introduce ourselves, we are a nature inspired floral studio in St. Paul, Minnesota, specializing in “Earthly Elegant” events and design {read: a satisfying blend of two quirky ladies,  a loving male support system, one spirited daughter, and the best tempered and loving studio dog around} . When asked what inspires us, we often will begin by listing piles of things that scream “Nature!” As a result, we find ourselves being the chosen wedding florist for couples that share our passion for the great outdoors and want nothing more than to share that love through the flowers and décor at their own weddings. 

In honor of Day Six, we bring to you our top six nature elements that we love to use and have found to have an unlimited use for. Remember, we had to select our top six; we would love to hear of other inspiring elements from our great Midwest surroundings that you love. Without further ado, we give to you our top six nature elements that makes us smile every day. 

6) Stones: We don’t like to think of them as rocks. By using our domestically picked (meaning we waded and gathered in frigid water) Lake Superior stones, we can bring depth to a vase arrangement of flowers, finish off a moss covered placecard table, as well as accent vase collection centerpieces by artfully placing a few around. Black, brown, white or red, we love us some stones. 

5) Burlap: Could any vegetable farmer have ever guessed that their functional bags could one day be viewed as a thing of beauty? Regardless, we have wrapped bouquet handles, created ring bearer boxes, lined tables, and more with this simple brown, woven element. While we are at it….let us throw in twine/Juut with this category, as we often tie off burlap wrapped vases with this and wrap it around boutonniere and corsages to give them an earthy, finished look. 

4) Wildlife: Ok, look it—we’re from Minnesota here. That means, we get the pleasure of incorporating antlers, fishing supplies, hunting materials, and various other forms of equipment needed to enjoy the great outdoors into our floral designs. This can often be the personalization that guests see that will help them to remember your special day for years to come. We love to hear feedback where our clients tell us their guests said, “Yep, this looks just like them.” It makes us feel like we have executed who the couple is, and that to us, is a job well done. 

3) Birds and Feathers: Feathered friends are great to top cakes with, tuck into branch centerpieces and set upon tables; while their nests offer a perfect home for a centerpiece of flowers. We love using birds and love to see when they are incorporated into more aspects of the wedding, such as invitations, programs, and place cards. The feathers of these amazing creatures offer another personalized touch. Ostrich feathers can be both whimsical and elegant, while pheasant, quail, and goose feathers can be utilized to often apply the groom’s touch to the flowers— frequently, as a result of being an avid hunter of one or all. 

2) Lichen/Moss: We love using lichen and moss in our weddings. There are so many different types available to us it’s hard not to incorporate them into centerpieces, bouquets, handle treatments, table runners, ring bearer pillows, even in the personal flowers of boutonnieres and corsages. Moss is a strong nature element that often becomes the binding factor between the flowers and the vessel they are in.

1) Sticks and Branches: We love sticks and branches, which are great natural items to incorporate for an earthy feel into designs. Whether it be, Manzanita, Birch, Maple, Curly Willow, Fantail Willow, Dogwood, Mitsumata, Weeping Willow, Viburnum, and many, many more, their functionality is endless; lying on tables, tucked into floral centerpieces, encircling cakes, holding place cards, creating arches to flank the ceremony, bark wrapped around candle accents, and even sliced into rounds to provide a unique base to a table centerpiece. We never seem to run out of ideas in which to use this nature given element. 

Well, there you have it—nature inspired floral elements for every Midwest wedding! Just thinking about these makes me want to run out to the studio and start arranging birch! From all of us here at La Petite Fleur have a safe and Merry Christmas; we hope that you will always appreciate the never-ending list of elements that nature has to offer!

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DaniDecember 19, 2011 - 7:55 am

Great job La Petite Fleur! Everything looks gorgeous as usual!

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