DAY ELEVEN: less stress, more joy

i’m simply ecstatic for today’s post. my dear friend, lisa, of simply fabulous events & design is sharing some of her amazing work and the incredible passion she has for making your wedding dreams come true. (trust me, this woman knowns what she’s doing..i’m fairly certain fabulousness runs in her veins.) this isn’t the only reason i’m excited though. you see, i met lisa a few years ago while we worked side by side at anthropologie and throughout the late-night closing shifts and inventory counts, we discovered we had one very beautiful thing in common: we love love. more specifically, we love love that turns into a lifelong commitment and the celebrations that go along with that. i have looked up to lisa for a long time and admired the fierce drive that she has for making her dreams a reality. i have her to thank for giving me the nudge to follow my wedding-loving heart and being part of the reason that i’m here today. so enjoy this christmas eve post…be thankful for the inspiring people in your life and remember, everything happens for a reason. 

love and holiday blessings to you and yours…
b (+ j, too!)

I am ever so thrilled to be asked to guest blog today at A Northwood’s Wedding!  I have been completely in awe of the amazing creation put together by Brittney and Jenna as I wholeheartedly love when someone is truly passionate about a dream and goes after it as they have!  Ahh, the power of doing what you love and loving what you do…which brings me to my little baby, Simply Fabulous Events & Design.

Simply Fabulous Events & Design was created by a small town girl, living in the big, beautiful city of Minneapolis who dreamed of creating meticulously detailed weddings.  After years of pushing the pencil on P&L reports and living the 9 to 5 corporate job, I decided to go full force with what made my heart go aflutter- producing romantic, one-of-a-kind, detailed moments wound into the first day of the rest of your life.  Nothing has brought me greater professional joy than to guide a couple along the process of making their wedding day truly unique, memorable, and stress free. Yes, this is one fabulous job.

photos: michael b studios

So here you are, engaged.  Your dream of the proposal most likely is/was as big as the dream of your perfect wedding.  Of course I would love to tell you that the first thing you have to book after getting engaged is a wedding planner.  Throw that out the wedding planning window.


Relax. Relish in this amazing moment.  Seriously.

The best thing that you can do for you and your new fiancé is breathe, absorb, and be completely excited and in love with the future of spending your committed life together.  Your wedding isn’t going anywhere, so really truly enjoy the engagement so the wedding process doesn’t take over.

After the excitement has calmed a bit {I recommend at least a few weeks, or more time if you can bear it}, it is time to have that conversation with your fiancé about the early planning stages of your wedding day.  First things first, you need to determine the outline of your wedding day.  Not timeline, but outline.  Outdoor ceremony? Cathedral church? Religious? Spiritual? Large guest list? A few family members and friends? I tell my couples when I first meet with them to come with a list of five elements that are truly important to them on their wedding day.  I tell them the day will come and go, so when reflecting back on the day, what are the five things that they truly want to remember and have imprinted on their hearts.  Those five elements are my blueprint in creating that day beyond their wedding day dreams.

The next conversation is usually the most uncomfortable- budget.  I cannot stress enough that you have to go into your wedding with at the very least, a ballpark figure, of where your wedding day needs to land.  In my six years of creating beautiful weddings and events let me say this: It truly doesn’t matter what your number is. It is about allocating your budget to make your top five wedding elements happen.  I have worked with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $150,000 and not one wedding is more special or more gorgeous than the other.  Talk with each other, talk with your parents, and determine a number.  And remember: it’s only a number!

Now it becomes time to talk wedding day details.  This is where a wedding planner becomes highly beneficial, and dare I say, a necessity.  {Yes, I will tell you why}

Most Brides in today’s world have a full time job {or let’s face it, multiple jobs}, family, friends, a new fiancé, and a social life.  Life outside your wedding day planning needs to continue- if not for the sake of your own sanity; then for the sake of your future marriage.  In working with a professional, detailed wedding planning company you are able to eliminate the frustration of searching for vendors that fit your style and budget, negotiate contracts, create detailed timelines, orchestrate your ceremony, set up the details of your reception, direct wedding vendors on the wedding day, eliminate the what if’s behind the scenes, place your comfy shoes under your chair at your table, and so, so much more.  Your wedding planner becomes your advisor, confidant, ambassador, etiquette guru, mediator, and by the end of the journey; your friend.  WE are there specifically for YOU.

photos: emily steffen photography |  jeff loves jessica photography

Here are a few common things I hear when first meeting with a couple to determine if a wedding planner is right for them:

I want to plan my own wedding.  A professional wedding planner is there to hold your manicured hand throughout the wedding process, and guide you through the items you want to take charge on and what you would prefer to have taken care of for you.  The idea behind a professional wedding planner is to alleviate your stresses; not add to them.  This is you and your fiancé’s wedding day, and we don’t create it without plenty of involvement from the two of you.

You must cost a fortune. I think a planner is a luxury and in today’s environment, it is one I have to do without. Let’s think about this.  You are spending hard earned money on your venues, photography, food, wedding day attire, florals, entertainment, and various other important vendors.  Don’t you want to invest in the one vendor that can tie it all together, eliminate any mishaps, and create a stress free environment not only for you, but for all the special people of the day? In truth, a wedding planner is an investment for your wedding day and a luxury for all of your hard work for this special day. {Hint: often we are more affordable than what couples realize!}

My mom, aunts, and cousins can do it all. I LOVE family.  Seriously, nothing makes me happier than seeing tears of joy throughout the wedding day from those family members that are witnessing your special day.  So let them enjoy it.  Have them meet you for wedding day breakfast.  Let your mom help you get into your dress.  Bust a move with your cousins while waiting in the church basement for the ceremony.  Hiring a wedding planner allows for your family to relax, laugh, enjoy, and take comfort in knowing that a professional is taking care of all the details.

Loving what you hear? Want to know more about what a wedding planner can do for you? Simply Fabulous Events & Design offers three levels of planning- uniquely customized based on where our engaged couples are within the planning experience.  Simply Fabulous Events & Design also offers design and concept for the wedding day, floral arranging, and custom wedding day rentals.

photos: michael b studios

Thank you for taking the time to read today’s post and thank you Brittney and Jenna for having me!

Here’s to hoping your wedding planning is light, lovely, a bit sparkly, and always fabulous,


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TashaDecember 24, 2011 - 10:34 am

Yes! Lisa, you said it all so well! A planner is almost always the only thing missing on my couple’s wedding days!

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