a work of art.

in case you didn’t already know, we’re all about adding unique and different elements to your wedding day. no matter what it is, if it represents you and your fiance, it’s the perfect complement to your celebration! the cute husband and wife team at Bear Fox Chalk know exactly what we’re talking about and their custom chalkboards are an amazing way to showcase who you two are as a couple.

each board that max and johnna create is a thoughtful and detailed process. they want to get to know you and your vision for adding this fun work of art to your day. completely customizable, everything about their beautiful chalk boards are drenched in love and creativity. as Bear Fox says, “you dream it. we create it.” here’s a little time-lapse video that shows just how incredible this duo is. we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Bear Fox Chalk from Bear Fox Chalk on Vimeo.

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