MN Monday: you + me going fishing..

don’t laugh if i start singing garth brooks, but this engagement session has the sweetest theme ever. hello, midwest meets ice fishing in the most adorable way ever. as JM Photography LLC snapped away, she documented a love as sweet as the hot cocoa adorned with awesome shaped marshmallows. seriously, this minnesota session rocks our socks. so even if you were to have cold hands, you’d have a warm heart…

photography // JM Photography LLC 

Zach & Brianna Had a very fun and unique engagement session settled in the beautiful sculpture garden in Minneapolis and Loring Park area of Minneapolis. This duo is super crafty. They made their cocoa mugs at a “paint your own pottery” place and designed it with things special to them. For example the Eiffel tower represents where they got engaged in Paris, France! They also made home made snowflake marshmallows for the hot cocoa. Brianna got crafty and made her own Save the date banner out of fun fabric and burlap. I think my favorite part was that they included their love for fishing in their engagement session!

KelseaApril 24, 2012 - 9:15 am

Those mugs slay me. What a fun session and couple!

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