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Today we are excited to share thoughts on your first dance, I know when I was planning our big day we debated over a million songs over and over again… in the end, we chose something a little unique but perfect for us. Paul Kloiber, the owner of Source 1 DJ Services gives advice on how to find the perfect song to set the mood for your evening and your future as a duo… and trust me, in his 20 years he has heard it all…

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Your first dance as husband and wife.  One of the most important choices you will make for your wedding reception. What song to choose is a question that brides and grooms have debated, argued and even fought over for ages.  There are literally thousands of songs to choose from and picking that special one is sometimes a daunting task. Your first dance will set the tone for the whole night, the words and the melody will say to your guests all that hearts say to each other.  In my thirty three years as a DJ I have seen first dances ranging from quiet and romantic to wild and crazy. 

As a DJ I am often asked for suggestions of songs for various dances at a wedding reception.  The father/daughter dance, the mother/son, songs for the garter, bouquet and generations dance.  However, the one song that I cannot give suggestions for is the first dance.  Many times I have sat down with a bride in groom in preparation for their wedding and they have looked at me and simply said “we don’t know”.  All I can do is tell them the three things that I am telling you.

1)    Choose a song that has special meaning to you.  It doesn’t matter if it is popular, obscure or in a foreign language, as long as the song has some connection to your love for each other.  Maybe it was the first slow song you ever danced to.  Maybe the song that was on the radio on your first date. Perhaps it was even the song that was playing when the groom proposed.  No matter what, it has to be a song of significance for both the bride and groom.

2)    Put your stamp on it.  If you are the wild adventurous type, choose a song that shows that.  Are you a movie buff? Pick a movie theme song and duplicate the dance, The Twist contest from Pulp Fiction, the Tango from Scent of a Woman, or even the final dance from Dirty Dancing.  Show your guests a glimpse of how the night is going to go.  Make it fun, but make it special. 

3)    Remember that this is not only your wedding reception but it is also your first dinner that you are hosting as husband and wife.  Respect each other and respect your guests by choosing an appropriate song.  Don’t pick a bump and grind song or something that has inappropriate or vulgar lyrics.  Trust me, the last thing your parents or grandparents want is to see you grinding on the dance floor or to hear dirty lyrics as they watch.  You’re the hosts so you set the standards.

These three simple things can make your first dance a lifetime memory that both of you as well as your families will cherish. So pick your song, hold each other and dance like nobody is watching.

i giggled to myself over these unique + interesting choices that some couples chose – proof you can step outside of the box if you so choose… 

1)  Jack Johnson – Better Together/mixed into the Twist from Pulp Fiction 

2)  Jimmy Buffet – We Don’t We Get Drunk

 3)  Death Cab for Cutie – Passenger Seat

 4)  Metallica – Nothing Else Matters 

5)  Billy Vera & The Beaters – At This Moment

6)  Righteous Brothers – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

7)  Minnie Ripperton – Loving You 

8)  Morris Albert – Feelings 

9)  Meat Loaf – Paradise By The Dashboard Light 

10)  Social Distortion – Ball & Chain

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p.s. I am dying over the upside-down umbrellas! ADORE.

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