WI Wednesday: one great love

this wedding right here reminds me exactly why i do this blog. we are not here to obsess over tiny little pastries, colorful streamers, immaculate flowers, and cookie cutter dresses. we are here to celebrate divine, true, midwestern love. something i love about the midwest is that we are all about family and this wedding shouts love and family devotion to the high heavens. it shows that you don’t need to have a crazy big budget or tiny details, what matters most is where your heart is… we love sharing love.

a small and beautiful affair captured by simplee photography, nestled in the stillness of the wisconsin countryside, where the pine trees reach for the heavens and the wind dances across the fields. The joining of two families; sisters, brothers, cousins. all one, from this day forward. for two people who have long rejoiced in the love their children have found through the years have now found their own. time has told us that this is what love is. 

xoxo, j 

photography: simplee photography 

from Kelsea of simplee photography:

Today I could say that I will be sharing with you a tale of love. Of the miracle that is two people finding each other on this big ol’ planet, and the realization that their lives would now be forever intertwined. How everything came to this moment of the most solemn of vows

A lifetime of unyielding love parents have for their children, and for their children’s children. The tender moment of a grown daughter readying her mother for her own wedding, sharing a bond that only comes from decades of conversation . A quiet pause of a pair of smiles in the background, reveling in the happiness and joy being celebrated before them now. 

KelseaMay 2, 2012 - 10:02 am

I love that you love sharing love. SO MUCH.


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