Floral Friday: A DIY romantic wreath

boy oh boy, do we have a beautiful DIY for you! our favorite minnesota florist, emily, from prairie fair is giving us so much inspiration we are running to the flower shop to do this DIY and impress our family and friends with our creation. this romantic wreath not only has a beautiful place in your home, it can easily be incorporated into many parts of your wedding day! 

we love emily and we love this DIY! enjoy!  and we’d sure love to see your recreations! 

hello my lovely anw readers! when last we spoke it was of peony-filled dreams  and preparing for your first consultation with your florist to be. since then the muscari and lilies of the valley have bloomed and faded, and even here in unpredictable minnesota, we’ve spent many a night with the windows open and a soft breeze cooling us to sleep. there is a hopefulness in the air that gives me a renewed push to live in a way that brings me fulfillment and joy. from popping on a sunhat, to digging around in potted herbs, to rearranging the furniture, to making and hanging a beautiful new wreath, it’s the simple soul soothing pleasures that make up the sweetness in life. it always is.

i met with my wonderful twin cities based photographer friend  eric lundgren  a couple of weeks ago, who beautifully documented the creation of my new wreath so that i could share it with you. while i hung mine on my front door, this wreath would be a lovely addition to the entrance of a reception venue, the bridal couples’ chairs, or as a focal point at the ceremony. it’s so simple to make and can be altered to fit any mood or theme. plus, a wreath is the perfect decor element to take from your wedding and incorporate into your home.

for my wreath i chose to use romantic stems that would dry nicely and therefore could be enjoyed throughout the whole warm season. you can simply discard the plant material once tall comes a-knocking and keep the metal form for your next DIY. 

here’s how to make a beautiful wreath of your very own.


12 inch metal wreath form

26 gauge floral wire

wire cutter

floral clippers or shears


olive branches

spray roses



1. clip your olive branches down into uniform lengths. (my cut pieces are about 7 inches long.)  gather 5-6 of your 7 inch olive branches to form a bundle, and secure the bundle by wrapping the ends together with your wire. repeat this until you have enough bundles to cover your metal wreath form.

2. begin to attach your olive branch bundles to your wreath form by laying your first bundle on top of the form and securing it with wire. continue to layer on your bundles and wrap them with wire until you’ve covered the entire wreath. note that you do not need to cut your wire as you go. just keep layering and wrapping.

3. now of for the fun part. take your leucodendron, spray roses, and leptospermum (or whatever other flora catches your fancy) and add them to your wreath. 

there’s no need to wrap the stems with wire; you’ll find that you can secure them into your branches and form just by wiggling and tucking. there’s no right way to do this part. uniform, asymmetrical, minimal, lush, the sky’s the limit!

4. hang and enjoy. i’ve displayed my wreath on my front door with a simple over the door wreath hanger. there’s no need for ribbon as you can hook the metal wreath form right onto the hanger, but that doesn’t mean that a ribbon wouldn’t look smashing too!

here’s to the sweetness in life and the simple things that make it so!




JillNovember 5, 2012 - 4:20 am

I love this, but where do I find Olive branches??

EmilyNovember 10, 2012 - 6:13 pm


I have two suggestions for you. First, I would ask your favorite local florist if you could place an order with them for 2 or 3 bunches of olive branches. Most florists would be happy to do so. If that doesn’t work for you, I’ve actually found some beautiful dried branches at my neighborhood craft store. If they don’t have olive specifically they’ll probably have something else that could work.

I hope that helps!


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KatieMay 29, 2013 - 3:34 pm

I LOVE this wreath!!! Thank you so much for including a tutorial on how to make it 🙂 I actually just included this in a wedding wreath roundup:
Thanks for the inspiration!

MeeJuly 6, 2013 - 10:30 am

This is such a helpful site, thanks! I do have one question… How long do these olive leaves wreath last? Does it start falling apart or get dry and brittle or brown over time? I wanted to do some decorations like this for my wedding but am not sure when to do them without them starting to look bad. Thanks for your advice!

BrittneyFebruary 24, 2014 - 7:28 pm

I am so sad!!! I made this beautiful wreath after trying to find olive branches at many places. I was so excited to make it and it is day 3 since it has been hanging on my wall, all the leaves have dried and folded in half! Is there a way to preserve the leaves for longer after you buy them?

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