Floral Friday: deliciously fresh

what happens when you mix two of our favorite things? a beautiful creation that just so happens to taste delicious. for this floral friday we wanted to show you how to incorporate beautiful floral creations into your divine dessert! adding a touch of fresh flowers can tie your theme together and give guests something to drool over… literally. 

whether sweet and simple is what you seek or something rustic is your taste… (pun intended) we have some beautiful inspiration for your to take to your baker! now grab a cup of jo and dream about how fantastically delicious, not to mention gorgeous these desserts are. so go ahead, you really CAN have your cake and eat it too! 


take a pretty and delicate white buttercream cake and add a little floral topper or some fun frosting creations to create a simply delicious cake. this budget friendly option creates limitless ways for your to leave your mark on the dessert you choose. we adore the texture used on these cakes to make them look extra yummy!


we go gaga over these northwoods themed cakes. tie in your rustic theme with a delectable dessert! keep it simple incorporating a touch of nature or a birchbark design that your guests will die for. we are LOVING the way these brides displayed their cakes keeping the rustic theme from top to bottom.


add a single flower for that perfect pop of color or a cascade of buds… either way your cake will be looking (and smelling) delicious. an easy DIY project that you can complete, not to mention budget friendly! stick with a simple base and add the perfect touch.


whether you want to have one type of flower or a waterfall of buds, these two cakes show that either option yields amazing results. we love the freshness these flowers add to their cakes! we are obsessing over the insane color scheme on the right and loving the gorgeous lavender on the left.


these blooming buds make these cakes look even more gorgeous. if simple isn’t quite your style, create this budding elegance through a stunning design or a floral masterpiece to top off a beautiful layered cake. either way, we would LOVE to take a bite!

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Flowers For WeddingsMarch 20, 2014 - 7:04 pm

I love those flowers on the wedding cakes! The light pink looks like peonies, are they?

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