whimsically rustic

this ohio wedding blew us away… the stunning couple, Rouxby ‘s images, the beautiful color palette, the laid back feel, the attention to detail, oh it is all so incredibly swoon worthy. this gorgeous couple planned out a lavish but simple soiree with beautiful antique touches and a pale pink hue that tied it all together. we adore their ceremony setting, so whimsical, romantic, and drop dead gorgeous. enjoy this ohio soiree that has left our jaws permanently on the floor. 

Dress – Monique Lhullier // Photography – Rouxby // Flowers – Ream & Co.  // Cake – And Eat it Too! // Wedding Coordinator – Diana’s Wedding Decorating // Event Stager – A Personal Touch // Band : 56 Daze

From the lovely bride: 

The thought of planning a wedding was very overwhelming for us both. The engagement was magical and the notion of being married was amazing, the only thing that stood in our way was the process of it all. Most people who know me were surprised at my hesitation, because I organize events for a living. But making sure the details of one of the most important days of our lives were perfect was frightening. 

We agreed the easiest approach was to focus on what mattered most, our marriage, and sprinkle in elements that represented each of us. Since I’m from a small, country town, getting married on a farm seemed fitting.  Once we found Brookside Farms, everything else seemed to naturally fall into place. The barn was stunning on its own so all we needed were some simple and rustic elements to complete our romantic vision.  We were so lucky that the pastor from the church I grew up in was willing to make the trek. This was the most special part to me because my grandparents, parents and sister got married in that church. So even though we used nature as our steeple, a part of my family tradition was still incorporated.
The pieces all came together with countless hours of help from our parents and closest friends. Without their craftiness and diligence, we could’ve never pulled off the wedding of our dreams. When we look back at our photo album someday, we will see much more than a young bride and groom in love. Each photo will reflect an irreplaceable memory. Some of the most memorable details will include the veil made by my best  friend, our mothers being escorted down the aisle by their fathers, the old wedding photos of our loved ones, my something old – grandma’s wedding ring, my grandmother-in laws handkerchief around the bouquet, and of course the cherished personally written vows. Oh yeah, the pulled pork and mac n’ cheese weren’t too shabby either 

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