the purrrfect day.

sometimes the cat gets your tongue and sometimes he lends a paw to your proposal. Michael proposed to Sarah with her cat, Tunafish, wearing her beautiful ring around his neck and she said yes to that adorable little face (and to Michael, too). 🙂 their lovely engagement pictures were taken this fall up on the North Shore in Duluth by Brooke Michaelson Photography and it would only be appropriate to bring little Tuna along! read below for even more on this cute couple and their adorable kitty from Brooke..

This is Sarah and Michael. They are head over heels about one another…and their cat, Tunafish (his friends call him Tuna). Tuna was a big part of their engagement story. Sarah was visiting Michael up in Duluth for the weekend. When she opened Michael’s apartment door, he was kneeling down on one knee while holding this adorable cat up which was wearing Sarah’s engagement ring around its neck. So, it was a unanimous decision between the three of us to give Tuna the credit he deserved and include him in a few of their engagement photos! We decided to drop him back off at the apartment before heading over to the local skiing hill to have a small picnic with their favorite beer from New Glarus Brewery. The shoot ended with a short hike along the rocky shore of Lake Superior. All-in-all, it was one fabulous day with one lovely couple…and cat.

Photographer: Brooke Michaelson Photography // Location: Duluth, MN // Sarah’s dress: Charlotte Russe // Sarah’s sweater: Gap // Tuna’s bowtie: SnoopyCattyCat // Featured beer: New Glarus Brewery

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