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Historical Castle Wedding in New York by Mindy Hulett Photo

Groom Details on Wedding DayLaidback New York Castle Wedding

A story that started with donuts, kind of, leading up to a New York Castle Wedding! A wedding with personal vows, must rose bridesmaid dresses an out of this world sunset!

The Couples Story:

We met online on a Sunday, made plans to meet for coffee that Thursday at a Dunkin Donuts (that ended up being non-existent!). Quickly googled the nearest diner and stayed till closing at 8, and moved to the next spot (Mooney’s Bar and Grill) until they closed. We hit it off right away and found it so easy to talk and be in each other’s company.

Proposal Story:

We both have 3 kids (all ages 14 – 26), and Kirk really wanted them to be a part of the proposal. In May of 2018, we all took a family trip to Orlando for a weekend of Universal Studio and spending time together. We only had all of the kids there for Saturday, so at the end of the day, after dinner and with all of the kids around, Kirk proposed. It was the perfect way to include the whole family.

New York Castle Wedding, Groom Getting ReadyNew York Castle Wedding, Letter to GroomCustom Cufflink IdeasNew York Castle Wedding, Groom Getting ReadyNew York Castle Wedding, Groom Getting Ready

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Favorite Memory from their Wedding Day:

Many favorite memories of this perfect day! It was a small, intimate wedding with family and a few friends (only 30 guests total), in the perfect location – Boldt Castle. We wrote our own vows, which had us in tears. One of Kirk’s favorite memories was watching me walk down the aisle towards him….when I “first came around the corner in your beautiful wedding dress. I started crying” (his words). Hearing his vows, and getting to speak mine was a favorite memory, as well as having our kids stand up for us – his 3 girls on his side, and my 2 sons and daughter on mine. I loved having my boys walk me down the aisle while Gabrielle sang our song (Never Stop by SafetySuit). It was a perfect day in a beautiful setting, with my favorite people, and full of love.

Their Biggest Wedding Frustration:

I really can’t think of any consequence. Probably just having to plan a wedding that took place 3 hours from home, making sure not to forget anything needed for both Kirk and I, as well as for all 6 “kids”. I made lists upon lists to keep everything straight, and I still forgot the succulent favors at home! Luckily, someone was able to swing by to grab them on their way.

How did they choose their wedding location?

Originally, we thought about eloping or keeping the wedding with just our kids since this wasn’t the first wedding for either of us. Gabrielle and Kendal (2 of our daughters) had other ideas – we “needed a real wedding with a real wedding dress”. So, we began looking. Gabrielle had said that we should be married in a castle, so I could feel like a princess.

I laughed, telling her we couldn’t afford that! We looked regardless and found Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay – beautiful, affordable, and everything I could ever wish for in a wedding. It’s on Heart Island, surrounded by water, beautiful gardens, and old architecture. The guests had to arrive on a boat. There was plenty for them to do, exploring the castle while waiting for the wedding to begin. We were married outside, in front of the Dove Cote, with the sun shining and a soft breeze blowing.

The reception was held across the river, back on the mainland, at Bonnie Castle. We had a fully glass-enclosed reception room that looked over the beautiful view of Boldt Castle during dinner. Spectacular sunsets, delicious food, and attentive staff made this a great location for our family and friends to celebrate with us.

Bridal Details on Wedding DayBride Getting ReadyBride Getting ReadyBride Getting ReadyBonnie Castle Marina & Resort Wedding

All about her amazing wedding gown:

For my first wedding, I had worn my Mother-in-Law’s dress, so I had never gotten a chance to go dress shopping. Gabrielle insisted that we go, just to have the experience, and again, make me “feel like a princess”. Before we walked in, I told her that I wouldn’t find a dress at a Bridal Shop since I had no intention of spending over $300 since it wasn’t the first wedding. She found my dress right away – with a price tag of $1600!

I tried on a bunch of different dresses, but it was the first one she pulled that just felt right. Just loved it but didn’t purchase it since I really wanted to keep my budget for a dress lower. I went home and looked on eBay. A bridal shop was closing and selling their floor models. They had the exact same dress I tried on, in my size, for $297!! I laughed and told Gabrielle that God must have heard me – I purchased my dress (for under $300), and was absolutely in love with it!

Did the couple have any special requests?

Shannon and Kirk were one of my favorite couples, from the moment we sat down to discuss wedding details I knew capturing their love for one another would be so easy. They are a couple that just beams in love. Shannon and Kirk wrote their own vows. And, as they each read those heartfelt vows tears, filled their eyes as well as their guest.

The photographers’ favorite moments?

What stood out the most? I had never been to Boldt Castle before. The only way to get to the castle is by boat because its located on one of the 1000 islands. It was stunning and the history and architecture were by far the most amazing sight. My favorite moment of Shannon and Kirks’ wedding was when Gabrielle, Shannon’s daughter walked down the aisle. Then stood to the left side to sing “never stop” by SafetySuit. She belted out the cords as Shannon was walked down the aisle to Kirk by her two boys. The moment was breathtaking.

Bonnie Castle Marina & Resort WeddingBonnie Castle Marina & Resort WeddingBonnie Castle Marina & Resort WeddingCastle Wedding in New YorkCastle Wedding in New YorkCastle Wedding in New YorkCastle Wedding in New York

Photography by Mindy Hulett Photo

Location Bonnie Castle Marina & Resort




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