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DAY EIGHT: the beautiful dress, take two.

on your wedding day, you want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. after all, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life. besides having the perfect man by your side, you want to be able to wear the gown of your dreams, too.  but once the the rose petals have been swept away, the candles blown out, and the i do’s said, what are you going to do with that gorgeous work of art? one way to keep the the the beautiful spirit of your dress alive is to allow it to live through others by selling it to an upscale bridal consignment shop like LUXEredux Bridal.  by doing so, you give another lovely bride the opportunity to feel the happiness you felt on your wedding day and in the spirit of the holidays, what better gift could one bride give to another? let the sweet ladies from LUXEredux tell you more…

We are bridal fashionistas at heart and we swoon over well-made designer wedding gowns.  Polyester gives us a tummy ache.  Sorry! We believe in 100% silk, perfectly smooth, luxurious satin, and we go gaga over silk organza. Regardless of budget, we want every bride to know what it’s like to wear a beautifully made bridal gown. LUXEredux Bridal was born from the desire to give every engaged beauty the opportunity to find “the one”!

We offer luxury, high-end designer bridal gowns for 20-70% off the retail price. Most of our inventory is sample gowns from boutiques spanning across the U.S.  We also offer gowns that are new with tags or once loved gowns that have been worn and altered.  If you are thinking of making some extra cash to remodel that kitchen, and your wedding gown isn’t something you feel the need to keep in a box for the next 60 years, consigning your gown with us would be a lovely option!  We have a list of the designers we accept on our website

We love to have fun and keep things light hearted.  Because our gowns aren’t from your typical special order boutique, that doesn’t mean you don’t get the same experience and service as every other bride.  Lindsay Fork, owner, has a special order boutique right downstairs from LUXEredux and one of the best compliments she receives from brides who shop at LUXE is a non-ostentatious attitude of referring brides to LUXE when La Jeune Mariee falls out of the brides price range.  Couple that with the amazing attitude and all around excitement of LeAnn Young, head stylist of LUXEredux and a bride feels like a million bucks!

While internet sites selling used wedding gowns has grown in popularity over the last 5 years, we heart that LUXEredux is also a permanent brick and mortar store right here in the heart of Columbus, Ohio.  Being a Midwest gal, you know that driving is no big deal!  We get brides from all over traveling to see gowns that are this discounted and in this great of shape!  The care that has been maintained on the gowns we accept is second to none and we pride ourselves on that feature.  We consistently hear brides exclaim in disbelief that a gown looks that good for being a sample.  Most often, a spot clean around the train is the only fixer-upper you will need!

bouquet by the ritzy rose

This past October, Lindsay was able to see what is trending for 2012 in NYC at International Bridal Market, and luckily some of the same styles we have at LUXEredux are still where it’s at!  Here’s a look at the trends and the gowns we have that match up!

Textured Skirts– Melissa Sweet’s “Farren”

Full Tulle Skirts- Amsale’s “Nicca”

“The Kate Effect” Lace and sleeves – Robert Birnbaum “Amy” (below) & Priscilla Of Boston- Vineyard “Tristan”

Illusion Necklines- Priscilla of Boston “4509“ (below) & Augusta Jones “Kenna”

Various Colors- Nudes, Peaches, Blushes- Our sashes do a great job of adding a pop of color.

Our tidbits on searching for “Your Perfect Dress”

  • Have a budget in mind for how much you want to spend.  It really is a set back for all parties involved if you try on a gown that is out of price range and you fall in love.
  • Look online and at bridal magazines before you make appointments. Tear out the gowns that you think most represent you.  Bringing these to your consultant is much easier than describing because many times brides don’t necessarily know proper terminology or cuts of a gown and that can lead to miscommunication and frustration.
  • Find a few designers that you think are most compatible with your style and seek out those boutiques so that you don’t feel the need to marathon shop at every store in town.
  • Attend one or two appointments in a day and space out the timing so you  have time to rest in between.  The deer in headlights look is not attractive!
  • Think about your wedding details so your gown resembles the feel you are going for.  We know trying on dresses is fun but if you don’t know if you’re having a ball room formal wedding versus a beach soiree, an appointment can be very much time wasted in the eyes of your consultant.
  • We know bringing people with you can seem like a fun party but you must know the personalities of those around you.  Inviting someone with strong opinions can very much deter your search efforts and cause hurt feelings.  It’s said more often than not, but for good reason, bring one or two trusted advisors and save the party for the engagement festivities!

Review from one of our Brides:

“Amazing store in Old Worthington. My husband and I eloped in Maine in early September of 2011. I was looking for a special, short dress, that would be appropriate for the event, but was not interested in spending thousands of dollars. This shop was perfect. LeAnn was extremely helpful and listened to my criteria. I found two wonderful dresses and chose a knee length, halter dress, ivory with a lace overlay. After some minimal alterations, it was absolutely perfect and didn’t cost an arm and leg. I would highly recommend brides stop by. Some dresses are once worn, others are new but discontinued styles. It’s a great option!”

Lindsay & LeAnn

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