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DAY NINE: winter bliss.

though summer and fall are notorious for being the most popular wedding months, winter weddings are often overlooked and can be some of the most beautiful events. with the glistening lights, romantic glow of the snow, and the warm embrace you’ll need, winter weddings can, in fact, be one of the most fairy tale events there is. blue dahlia events want you to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed up, even if it happens to fall into some of the coldest months of the year (and living in the midwest, we know all about those frigid temps). here’s what they have to say about planning that beautiful winter wonderland of your very own.

9 Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

The winter months are dotted with annual holiday festivities, but they can also offer the perfect occasion to create a new one—your wedding! Of all the seasons to host a wedding, envision the coziness and beauty of winter as a time to have yours.  Pour yourself a mug of cocoa and warm up with these tips for planning your winter wedding.

Personalize your palette & theme — Start by choosing a palette or theme that represents you and then think about how to incorporate the season. Do not limit yourself to over-used, cliché winter styles. You can truly do any style any time of the year. So think about what inspires you and things you love and let those guide your wedding style and design.

images clockwise from top left: purple | yellow | red | pink

Factor in the holiday season — When choosing your wedding date, think about how close you want your anniversary to be to the holidays. If you’d rather not over load your holiday season for years to come, choose a date in January or February.

Will the snow be picturesque? — We all imagine a winter wonderland for a winter wedding, but just like gamble of rain in the spring, know that snow is not a guarantee for your wedding day. Make sure you choose venues and locations based on their inherent qualities, not what they look like when covered in snow.

blue party | couple | flowers | mustard shawls

Choose one venue for the day —If you are open to having one venue, consider having your ceremony and reception in the same place. You’ve already asked guests to trek out in the cold weather. Having them come to one place, hang up their coat, and settle in for the whole occasion can offer the feeling of nestling in for the day and set a warm, welcoming tone for the entire celebration.

winter lodge | lighted sable | glowing barn | snowy couple

Rest easy with your planning timeline — Whether you’re going to have a long or short engagement, winter weddings can be the most flexible when it comes to planning. You can plan any size or style of wedding with a short or long timeline because you’re not competing with as many couples for booked dates.

Accessorize! — Layering is essential to staying warm in winter, and it’s no different on your wedding day. Look for a wrap or shrug to adorn for outside photos. Scarves and gloves can be practical and fashionable gifts for bridal party members.

shoes | white fur | brooch & fur | boots

Remember weather precautions— Know there is likely to be a chill in the air and potential for snow on the ground. Make sure all of your venues have sufficient plans for snow removal and heating needs.

Check out your dream vendors — With winter being the slowest time for weddings, vendors are excited to have off-season business. So call up your favorite vendors and see what they are offering for the winter. You might find some competitive rates or other promotions.

Know when the sun sets — Winter gives us the shortest days of the year. When planning your wedding day timeline, consider when the sun will set. If you want any sunset pictures, plan your ceremony time accordingly.





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