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give thanks.

as we embark on our first thanksgiving, we figured we would take some time to share with you, our lovely readers, what exactly we are thankful for. you see, we never planned this journey; heck, we didn’t even know we would become friends. but looking back over the past few months, we knew this whirlwind was planned by the divine, because it was unimaginably perfect. 

things jenna is thankful this year:

family | everyone says it and they certainly should. family gives us our roots and allows us to spread our wings and fly. they share more than a name with you, they share life with you. they watch you grow and celebrate your greatest victories. 

love | getting married this year was such an amazing thing. not only did i get to plan and partake in my dream wedding, i got to say yes to forever with the man i love. when you find a love like that, every day is perfect. but we loved planning our wedding and love the married life even more. 

photographs | being a wedding photographer has been a dream come true. i have gotten to witness beautiful moments, celebrated relationships, and documented love. i have played an intimate role in so many fabulous friend’s lives and have captured people promise forever and mean it. 

ANW | this blog has been such a wonderful journey. it has been a work of art in the making and had been such a fun creation to watch grow and thrive. not only did i get a beautiful blog, i got a wonderful friend and a chance to network with some of the midwest’s most talented. 

dreams | such a broad subject but i am grateful for the chance to dream big, to chase dreams, and to continue to make my dreams come true. we are blessed to have the ability to set beautiful goals and not stop until we make it. i am happy that i am a dreamer and a doer, because throughout this year so many dreams have come true… 

 things britt is thankful for this year:

 family | i’ve been blessed beyond belief with a family that shows me unconditional love and support. as i’ve said in previous posts, i was given three wonderful brothers (and an unbelievable set of parents) to share my Madsen name with. this past summer, our little family expanded and i am so blessed to welcome my beautiful “sister” hillary to our crazy clan. (thanks, brock.) it’s been a year of beautiful beginnings for us and i can’t imagine sharing and celebrating it with anyone else. i love you all.

friends | for the old and the new. i am so thankful for each and every one of you. over the past few years my small little world has opened up to bring me so many of you and i wouldn’t be the person i am today without you, no matter what role you’ve played. i believe your friends are the family you choose and i’m so happy to have the biggest, most amazing, and supportive ‘family’ there is.

ANW | i am so unbelievably grateful to be on this journey. it has brought me so much joy and is one of the reasons i believe that god’s plan is so much bigger than my own. he dropped this beautiful ‘project’ in our hands and introduced me to one of the most gorgeous women on this earth. with a heart the size of an elephant, jenna is the friend of a lifetime and none of this would be possible without her.

cupcakes | literally and figuratively. literally because i can’t get enough of them..those little pieces of heaven make my little world go ’round. cupcakes are truly the way to my heart. figuratively because those luxurious delights remind me of the countless other things i’m blessed with that others may not be as fortunate to have..who knew a cupcake could say so much? 

love | i am so blessed to be able to witness great love stories each and every day of my life. starting with the ones that hit close to home and coming full circle with those that i get to share on ANW. each one reminds me of the reason i believe we’re truly here; to share our lives with others and show love them what it means to love.

thank you, each of you, for reading and embracing this crazy dream that we have. we wouldn’t be anywhere without your support, your kind words, and your incredible talent. you have left us speechless more times than we can count and we can’t thank enough. you’ve all made this journey what it is…simply amazing.

sending so much love,
j + b 

*all images by gunnar cook photography*




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