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Let’s Celebrate! Our Favorite Champagne Popping Photos!

Covid Sucks Beer

Beer celebration photos are rad too! Photo by Natural Intuition Photography

How to pop a bottle of champagne for photos? How to get the most perfect bubble spray!

An amazing way to showcase how excited you are for your engagement, proposal, or wedding day! POP A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE OF COURSE! But, how do you get those epic photos, like the ones below!?

First, it doesn’t matter if you have a screw-off top or not, they all work! Also, the BEST way to be Leave No Trace is to pop the bottle first, before shaking! That way there is no looking for the cork afterward!

Does it matter what kind of champagne you get!? Don’t spend a lot on it, or you are spraying money away!

Don’t drink champagne!? That’s ok! Sparkling wine works great too! Also, beer is fun to spray too!

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Step by step on how to pop a bottle of champagne for photos!

  1. Aim bottle away from everyone – this is key 🙂
  2. Pop the cork before shaking!
  3. Immediately put your finger on top of the opening to STOP the bubbly! (thumb usually works best!)
  4. Make sure the photographer is in place & set
  6. Shake until the spray is going EVERYWHERE!
  7. Keep going until it’s done & drink up!

Now that you got the HOW TO down, here are some of our favorite Champagne pops!

champgane popping photos wedding day 2020, bi racial couple on elopement day

This amazingly happy photo above is by Samantha Mitchell Photography

Champagne popping engagement photo by Ashley Green

YES, you should totally bring a bottle to pop at your engagement session! Photo by Ashley Green

Champagne popping engagement photo by Narrowleaf Photography

No elopement day should be without a celebration either! Even in the remote woods, shot by Narrowleaf Photography!

Wedding Party Champagne pop by Christine Bradshaw

Get your whole wedding party in on the fun too!!! Photo by Christine Bradshaw

Got a drink but want something a bit different? Do a group cheers tunnel! Photo by O&B Photo CO

Unique Engagement on a Lake, Couple jumping into water

OH, and don’t have anything to drink to celebrate, but on a boat!? JUMP INTO THE WATER! YEA!

Photo by Brianna Lane Photography




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