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Lakeside Canadian Engagement Session by Ray Urner Photography

Lindeman Lake in Chilliwack British Columbia Engagement Session

Lindeman Lake Engagement Session in British Columbia

Denai and Nic are both originally from Saskatchewan Canada and happened to meet on a long weekend. Although they were head over heels for each other, their future plans made it so they couldn’t be together (Denai moving away and Nic traveling the world). But they never lost touch and became close friends. Until one day they were reunited and I guess when you’re meant to be with someone the universe will make it work!

They have always loved the mountains and wanted so badly to move west. After years of living in Saskatoon, Denai had been accepted to nursing school in the Okanagan region of BC, so that’s where they were heading. They had never been to Kelowna before they moved, and weren’t sure what to expect. But they obviously fell in love and have made the Okanagan their home. They are both grateful that they made the move together because their place couldn’t be home without one another.

While they were on a three-day canoe trip down Slocan Lake in the Kootenays, they came across a gorgeous waterfall. Denai climbed up onto a rock for a picture and when she looked back, Nic was down on a knee with the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

Their experience with Ray!  Denai wrote this.  🙂

Even though we have been together for approx 8 years at the time, we had never taken professional photos together. I came across Ray’s posting about a photo session in the mountains. One where you hike in and take pictures that are unique and full of natural beauty. Obviously that was right up our alley, so I put my name in. I fully did not expect to win the session but I was ecstatic when we did.

Ray was so amazing and made us feel comfortable when we were very obviously awkward and unsure. He made us laugh and guided us the whole time. He is easy to get along with and we loved his personality through and through. And of course, the photos are absolutely stunning. He captured us in so many perfect ways and I can’t thank him enough.

Lindeman Lake in Chilliwack British Columbia Engagement SessionLindeman Lake in Chilliwack British Columbia Engagement SessionLindeman Lake in Chilliwack British Columbia Engagement Session




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