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Madison Engagement from The McCartneys Photography

When it came time for their engagement session, Melissa & Brandon knew right away that it had to take place in Madison — the place where they currently live and where they both wanted to settle down for good & start a family. Melissa said it best: “Every time we drive into Madison we always take a minute to just soak it in and think about how fortunate we are to be living in an area we love and near to so many close friends.” They spent their day exploring some of the best that Madison has to offer with the adorable photography duo, The McCartneys Photography. Part of what they love about one another is something that we hope all couples can resonate with.  Melissa loves how Brandon still manages to surprise her with little things he does, whether it’s bringing home flowers after she’s had a bad day or proposing to her at Disney World on my birthday, he always knows how to make her happy and feel loved. 

More about this adorable couple from The McCartneys: 
Melissa gushed with us about Brandon’s sweet proposal, saying:  “We were in Orlando on his first big trip with his high school students.  It was our last day there, which also happened to be my birthday, and we were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I was along as a chaperone on the trip, so I had a group of 7 or 8 students I was in charge of.  They wanted to go see the live Beauty and the Beast show, so after a fun morning of riding Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster we sat down to watch the live version of my favorite Disney movie.  After it was finished we stayed in our seats for a bit because a parent that was with my group needed to sit for a while.  While we were waiting someone that worked there approached us and asked if we’d like our picture taken in front of the stage.  The kids thought that would be fun, so we waited until everyone left the theater and had a group picture taken in front of the stage.  They had one of their park photographers there and everything!  So, because it was my birthday, I had a button and some mouse ears that the group got me.  The photographer saw that and asked if I wanted a picture taken with Brandon, so we did.  As I was about to walk away Brandon stopped me to ask me a question.  That’s when he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring.  We had been dating for over 5 years at that point and I had pretty much given up hope that this moment would ever happen, so I was completely shocked!  Of course I said yes!  After I did, the song from Beauty and the Beast started playing and the curtain on the stage behind us went up and the cast came out!!!  Turns out Brandon had planned the whole thing (that morning!) and got some of the kids (and parent) in on it.  It was so amazing!  We even got it on video and have tons of pictures.  
When we asked Amanda what her favorite part of the proposal was, she said  “All of it!  The surprise, having my favorite Disney movie characters from my childhood, having the students there…it was all amazing :)” while Brandon’s favorite part was “That it was planned the day of and that she absolutely loved the ring I picked out for her, since it was a surprise.”




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