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Military Engagement in Indiana

Military Engagement

Adorable Engagement Session in Indiana

An adorable Military Engagement session that celebrates them as individuals coming together as one!

From the photographer:

I’ve always admired Destiny for being someone genuine, kind, and authentic to herself! She shared a story with me that’s probably one of my favorites now. While venturing into the Sprint store for some reason, and that’s when she laid eyes on Jake. She started telling people that she had a “Sprint Husband” – here we are a few years later, and he’s about to be her OFFICIAL HUSBAND! I’ve known Destiny for a long time and known of Jake for just a short while – but after just spending a little over an hour with them together during their engagement shoot, I can see how they complement one another in every little way possible. The warmth + love that radiates from each little interaction of theirs is incredible. You two are going to have a lifetime of happiness, and I can’t wait to capture the first day of your forever.

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Military EngagementMilitary Engagement

How did they meet?

Destiny: I remember walking into the Sprint store to pick up my new phone and seeing Jakeb. He caught my eye for sure, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I developed a schoolgirl crush on him and started calling him “my husband from the Sprint store!”

Jakeb: We met at a Sprint store. I was a sales rep, and she was a customer. I had a feeling we both felt some level of attraction. Luckily, I was right, and we kept running into each other after that like it was meant to be.

What is your proposal story?

Jakeb: I would wait and plan something special with her family involved, but all of her family was already gathered at her uncle’s place. I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer, and I gained permission from her dad, sisters, and uncle to show up and do this during a birthday celebration. They were all already there, and I would be late anyway, so I just asked her Uncle if he would be kind enough to bring everyone outside once I arrived… Destiny walked out with everyone to find me on my knee in the front yard.

Destiny: Everything he said…he had me completely fooled! I was so shocked. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t sleep for days after because I was so happy and eager to plan our wedding. Jakeb did an excellent job on proposing!

What do you love most about each other?

Destiny: When I read that question, I immediately thought about how I love Jakeb’s humor. He is always there to put a smile on my face. He brings out my goofy side, and because of that, our life is never dull. I’m pretty sure someone said laughter is the best medicine, and I’m forever grateful that I found someone that keeps me laughing and smiling.

Jakeb: If I have to pick one thing, it’s probably her level of care. Care is an underrated word because it’s a gateway to so many great things, and she shows an abundance of care. That level of care allows her to act so selflessly, patiently, and offer so much attention. It means she’s all in, all the time. And you don’t see that these days.

The biggest challenge of planning your wedding day?

Destiny: In general, wedding planning was a lot of fun for me. We knew before getting engaged where we wanted to get married, so a huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders once that was booked. I’d say the biggest challenge was when Jakeb had to leave for a month for sergeant school, two months before the wedding. I cried a lot during this time because I had to finalize a lot on my own, and I hate making decisions!

Jakeb: I’ll say she handled most of the logistics. And she was spectacular. My biggest challenge was the cost and also managing the relationships.. one thing that can get overlooked when it comes to weddings is the meshing of personalities that don’t often come together. So you have to be careful there. You have to be ready to mediate certain things, especially when two families collide. Ideally, one of you is vital in that regard, and I feel like I helped out there.

Military EngagementUnique Engagement Photo Ideas

Favorite memory from the engagement session?

Destiny: My favorite memory from the photoshoot would have to be the quality time I got to spend with Jakeb. He’s not a massive fan of getting his picture taken, so anytime I can get him to enjoy himself in front of the camera is a win for me. Plus, Loreal knows how to capture the best moments. I especially loved when Jakeb changed into his uniform, and I put my pointe shoes on. Those are still some of my favorite photos of us.

Jakeb: Listen, to me, sometimes photoshoots are stressful because I’m being asked to sacrifice downtime to get dressed up and smile for a couple of minutes. That’s not what it turned out to be at all. I rather enjoyed my time in front of the camera. It goes pretty quickly, and at the end of the day, it’s about the finished product, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. It was fun, and the photos were great.

Any other cute notes/stories about your relationship/its beginning?

Jakeb: How about two pieces of advice instead?

1: Two words. All-inclusive. It will change your life. Destiny and I had the time of our lives on our honeymoon. We’re counting the days until we can do something like that again.

2: When it comes to the relationship itself, I’ve found it’s imperative to love the imperfections and quirks unique to your significant other. Destiny does some things and says some things that are simply incomprehensible to the average human, and yet, it’s as if I’m the only one that can also speak that goofy language. That’s when you know you’re really onto something. That’s the good stuff right there. Live in those silly moments. We sure do.

Unique Engagement Photo IdeasUnique Engagement Photo Ideas


Event Venue: Southeastway Park

Photographer: LorealMade





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