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Secret Hot Spring Adventure Session in Southwest Colorado

Secret Hot Spring Adventure Session in Southwest Colorado

Steamy Hot Spring Adventure Session

This steamy and chilly hot spring adventure session is exactly what all couples need! This is what the day after your wedding day should look like. Relaxed with your love and a drink in hand! If you hire your photographer in an epic location. Keep them for an adventure session the next day! Even if it’s not super epic, do it anyways!

These adventure sessions are an extension of your wedding day. Keep the love going, relax and take in what happened the day before!

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Secret Hot Spring Adventure Session in Southwest ColoradoSecret Hot Spring Adventure Session in Southwest ColoradoSecret Hot Spring Adventure Session in Southwest Colorado

From the Photographer:

I remember when Mike and Maggie reached out to me asking if I’d be game for tagging along with them. To Southwest Colorado for their adventure session instead of doing something in the greater Denver area where we all live. These two had booked me to photograph their wedding in Longmont, CO. And had also scheduled a post-wedding adventure session to follow it up. It goes without saying that SW Colorado is hands-down one of the best parts of the state. And one of my personal favorite regions. So of course I was game.


Hot Springs in ColoradoHot Springs in Colorado

About the Colorado Hot Spring:

I’d been on the hunt for this secret hot spring in the area for some time. Finally been able to find it. So I packed up my car with my camping gear and a few local ciders and made the trek down. I met up with Mike and Maggie in town. Where we threw back pizzas and enjoyed a “classically Colorado” sunny afternoon. Afterward, we all hopped into our cars and made the drive out to the hot spring. A local secret that serves as the perfect escape from tourists and the hustle and bustle that summer brings to the state. I handed each of them a cider and snapped away. As these two snuggled up with each other and enjoyed the sunset from their little perch.

Adventure Session Expectations:

I feel like the expectation with adventure sessions and engagement sessions is that couples have to get dressed up all fancy and wander into the mountains. And while I certainly love documenting those types of sessions too, there was something so genuine and authentic and calming about photographing a couple just enjoying the best part of Colorado: the tranquility and stillness that comes with being present, having a drink, taking a soak, and simply enjoying their time together in the mountains.

Hot Springs in ColoradoHot Springs in Colorado


Photographer: Sheena Shahangian Photography LLC





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