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she said yes.

it’s here. you’ve dreamed of this for ages; the magical moment when the man you love asks you to spend your life with him. you’re excited and nervous. your hands are shaking and you’re completely overtaken with pure happiness, not to mention being completely distracted by the sparkler on your finger. (he did do a great job, didn’t he?!) wouldn’t it be icing on the cake if you found out he had secretly planned to have the whole moment photographed for you to remember that incredible day? well, Steyn earned major points for thinking of this for his proposal to Megan and we’re so glad he took Michelle Kristine Photography with him. hiding in the brush, she was able to capture that beautiful moment Megan said “yes” and we couldn’t be happier she shared their images and cute story with us. gentleman, take notes. this is a brilliant idea to capture the day you’re both going to remember for a lifetime.

:: love from Michelle for Stayn & Megan ::

Steyn asked me one afternoon while I was sitting at my desk, if I would be able to take some photos for him on Sunday afternoon…
I did one of those crazy ‘gasp with your hands over your mouth’ moves, because I knew, without a doubt, that these photos were going to be of no small consequence. He gave me a look that said “contain yourself, Michelle” and I struggled not to giggle and inquire about every detail of how he was going to ask her. It had been something Megan and I had talked about in the previous weeks, wondering and scheming about what his possible plans could be. Thinking back on the days leading up to the proposal, I really don’t think I’ve ever felt such joy and giddy excitement for someone as much as I did for Megan. Every chance I had, I was throwing Steyn high fives and asking about timing, location, and any other details of his well thought out day.  I clearly was NOT to be seen and it was to be an absolute surprise to Megan.
So, needless to say, a few weeks back, my dear friend and roommate, Megan, was asked to be a beautiful bride . It’s a rare thing to be able to watch something unfold before your lens as beautiful as a man asking the woman he loves, to spend the rest of her life with him. My stomach was in knots and my hands were trembling as I waited for them to come picnic in the grass. I felt like I was on an undercover mission with the slightest glance being the bullet that would kill the whole occasion. Regardless of my unsteady lens and the volume of the dry branches and leaves under my boots, I prevailed in remaining unseen. It was only at the end when Steyn pointed toward me and told Megan to glance toward the trees. It was then when I could fully congratulate them and snap some images of them together. It was such an amazing thing to be apart of. Regardless of the distance I had to be at, it was a beautiful thing to watch unfold.




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