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Springtime Engagement Session with Pug

engagement photos with pug

Fun Springtime Engagement Session with Adorable Pug

This sunshine and funfilled springtime engagement session with their adorable pug gives me all the smiles! I mean just look at that smile above! Along with that adorable pug you have amazing sunshine! Springtime and a pug!? Anything better!?

How did they meet?

Greg and I met behind the Westfield Starbucks where all the cool kids used to hang out. Greg was and is a very shy guy, so how we began talking is a funny story.

I drove a couple of friends (Greg being one of them) to the store to grab some snacks. When we got back to downtown Westfield everyone got out of my car to hang outside….or so I thought.

I stayed in my car because I worked all day and my legs were so tired! As I was scrolling through my phone I burped and heard someone say “excuse you”. I gasped and whipped my head around and lo and behold Greg was quietly sitting in my back seat. He was too shy to say anything when everyone got out so he just sat there in silence assuming I knew he was there (which I didn’t).

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Spring Engagement in New JerseySpring Engagement in New Jersey

I invited him to come to sit up in the front seat with me, and we literally talked and listened to music from 8 pm until 3 am. The rest is pretty much history.

I think Greg and I work so well together because we are very opposite, I’m outgoing and a social butterfly, while Greg is very shy and hates giant social gatherings. No matter how different we are, we share the same values. We always make sure the other is shown unconditional love; and, trust is our number one priority. He’s truly one of a kind and I’ve never met another man as kind and loving as he is. He’s an angel on Earth I always say.

Our favorite activities to do together are going hiking, kayaking, and traveling to different theme parks (we are hugeeeeee Disney fans (that’s actually where he proposed on my 25th birthday!)

When you brought us to the water yesterday we both got sooooo excited because we love exploring rivers and waterfalls and that’s what a lot of our adventures are based around. We love just driving to different nature areas around the tri-state and exploring.

Spring Engagement in New Jersey


Photographer: Daniel Nydick Photography





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