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Stunning Countryside Wedding in Ontario Canada by Kyra Lyn Photography

Bride and Bridesmaid Dresses, Must have photos with your wedding party

A Stunning Countryside Wedding in Canada

A rustic backyard wedding where everyone wore cowboy boots! They mixed rustic details like the boots with classic colors like blue bridesmaid dresses. Along with beautiful wedding bouquets that are dreamy! A beautiful mix for this rustic wedding!

Get to know the couple from their planner!

Jessica and Brad are two of the most down to earth people that I have ever met. They were so relaxed through the entire wedding planning process and they were truly a joy to work with. They are both from London, Ontario and in 2018 they bought their first home in Delaware, Ontario! It’s a cute bungalow with a huge, gorgeous yard. They are slowly working on renovations to make the house their own.

It became clear very quickly that they have a ton of close friends, which largely explains the 230 person guest count! I had the pleasure of doing most of our planning meetings in their gorgeous kitchen and every time I went for a meeting, a good friend was just on the way out. They were always surrounded by lots of people and good friends.

Jessica and Brad met at a bar in downtown London.

She says that it’s “not very romantic” but it was just so perfect for the two of them. They were always out with friends and they loved to have fun. There was no better place for them to meet than out for a fun night on the town. I don’t have all of the details but from what I know, their night began with a tequila shot which launched them into the perfect relationship filled with friendship, laughter and so so much fun. Jessica’s maid of honor, Shannon, even included a shot of patron during her speech to start their marriage off on the right foot.

Brad proposed in the privacy of their home shortly after they moved in. It was perfect for them, intimate, private and personal. It was just raw emotion and genuine feelings! Of course, she said yes(!) and contacted me shortly after to begin the planning process.

Bride and Bridesmaid Dresses, Must have photos with your wedding partyRustic Wedding Invites

Groom in Cowboy Boots


Classic Wedding Ring PhotoBride and Bridesmaid Dresses, Must have photos with your wedding partyBride and Bridesmaid Dresses, Must have photos with your wedding partyBride and Bridesmaid Dresses, Must have photos with your wedding party

How did they choose their location?

Jess reached out to me in December 2018, just shortly after their engagement! We began working together that same month and we started quickly looking at many venues. We looked into barns, outdoor venues, and a few indoor venues but we ultimately kept coming back to Jessica’s parent’s property. They loved the idea of her parent’s property but the idea of taking on all of that work was daunting but it was really the perfect choice. We wanted a wedding that was personal and fun. At the end of the day, all of their 230 guests were able to walk away knowing that no one else could have had that wedding, it was so perfectly theirs. No one else had ever had a wedding on that property and there were so many sentimental locations for photos, it just seemed right.

Not to mention we were also able to include their fur baby, Jet in the wedding photos! It was the perfect location where every family member could feel comfortable! Once we selected Jessica’s parent’s property for the wedding, everything else fell right into place. We were able to secure the largest tent possible so that all of our guests would feel comfortable, and space for a large dance floor and room for the band was a necessity. The venue was perfect, decorated with romantic string lights and personal touches. They can go back every weekend and stand in the exact location where they were married! The sentimental value of the property was 100% the biggest selling point and it turned out to be absolutely perfect.

A short and sweet ceremony with an absolutely unforgettable reception was what they really wanted.

And this is exactly what we did! We had a first look in the early afternoon to relieve the stress and the pressure of the ceremony. Jessica and Brad had an intimate moment in the woods to see each other and have their own private moment. Jessica also had a first look with her father for the same reason. Her family is very important to her and allowing them to feel included and relaxed was also a priority. The first look with her dad allowed them to have their own private moment with lots of laughs and hugs.

We did photos in the afternoon so that Jessica and Brad were actually able to attend their own cocktail party. They had free time with no scheduled activities and they were able to just wander the crowd and spend time with their friends and family. The evening was no exception; we had a delicious meal followed by hours of dancing. The live band was phenomenal and kept the dance floor packed for the entire evening! They opted to skip the traditional late-night activities and instead just enjoy the downtime with their loved ones. Jess and Brad danced the night away and provided shuttles at 1:30 am, guests were still out on the dance floor! They absolutely got the relaxed party that we had strived for!

What about that amazing dress?

Jessica was one of the most beautiful brides that I have ever seen. I think part of it for me was how happy she was 100% of the time. Not once did I see her get stressed, frustrated or irritated. She was so calm and so happy. Jessica bought her Mikaella Bridal dress from Kleinfeld Bridal in Toronto.

It’s going to sound cheesy but I actually remember the day she got her gown as if I was there. My brides normally email me with a picture but I rarely get a picture in real-time! On Sunday, January 27th, Jessica emailed me and said “Happy Sunday! I just said yes to the dress at Kleinfeld!”. The sample gown was exactly her size and she looked so happy in the photos. I’m a hired Wedding Planner but I get very attached to my couples and by the end of the process, I think of them as my close friends. Her happiness was really all that mattered to me and sharing her excitement in real-time was so special.

The gown was breathtaking and beautifully detailed. The top had beautiful detailing and dainty straps that were just perfect on Jessica. The skirt was flowy and fun, which looked absolutely gorgeous on our slightly windy wedding day!

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What as the couple’s favorite memory from their wedding day?

Their constant happiness and optimism is what stood out to me the most to me. No matter what came their way, they always stayed smiling! It was a wedding that was truly about their love and spending time with their friends and family. It was never about money or doing something that they felt they had to do. Throughout the day, I watch the couple very closely to make sure they are still smiling but these two never stopped. They were always laughing at the head table or standing together while chatting with old friends. They were able to truly relax and enjoy themselves!

If I were to pick my favorite moment from this wedding day, it would have to be the reveal of the completed reception tent to Jessica in the afternoon.

I had spent the whole morning organizing the centerpieces, setting the tables, and adjusting the Edison bulbs. The morning, Patsy from Patzee’s Floral Scapes informed me that she had two extra eucalyptus garlands that she was going to give us. She told me that I could use them however I wished. This was such a small surprise but it meant the world to me. Early in the planning process, Jess was certain that she wanted to line the natural wood head table with a garland of greenery. Unfortunately, she discovered that this was out of her budget and she wanted to allocate the money to other aspects that would impact her guests directly.

She never stopped thinking about the eucalyptus and although she was fine without it, these surprise eucalyptus garlands were PERFECT. Of course, I immediately took them to the head table and rearranged the décor. It looked perfect and it was everything that we had originally imagined. I waited patiently until I could sneak Jess away to show her the tent. When we finally got our moment, it was just the two of us and she said it looked beautiful, but then she saw the head table! She was blown away and her reaction was exactly what I expected. She was ecstatic and so happy that they were there! It’s such a small thing but it becomes a big thing when a garland of greenery lights up your bride’s face. She was so happy and I could not have been happier for her!

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Photography: Kyra Lyn Photography

Bridesmaid Dresses: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe

Wedding Bands: J.B. Simpson Jewellers

Suits: Moores

Wedding Gown: Kleinfeld’s Canada

Rentals: A & B Party & Tent Rental

Floral: Patzees Floral Scapes

Officiant: Laurie Nevin – Life Navigator

Catering: Steel Grill Catering

Hair Styling:  Susie Dalgleish

MakeUp: Siobhan Lynch Makeup

Event Planner: Perfectly Designed Events




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