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Intimate Hiking Elopement in Telluride Colorado

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Intimate Telluride Colorado Elopement

This adventure-filled Telluride Colorado Elopement has hiking, personal vows, and epic views! Also, you MUST scroll down to read BOTH of their impressions of how they met! It is SUPER adorable! You may not see photos of it, but their family hiked to make the celebration! Not very often do you have family members make such a hard hike. But, this couple’s family wanted to be there BAD!

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Favorite memory from their Telluride Colorado Elopement:

Natalia & Randy had hiked to the upper lake by themselves at sunrise. Their family hit the trail a few hours after us and planned to meet us at the lower lake for the ceremony. It’s not often that we have family members make a hike for the ceremony, incredibly challenging. As we were coming down the switchbacks from the upper lake, I’ll never forget we spotted! A group of well-dressed people down below waiting for them at the lower lake, just as we planned! We waved to them from up above. And the family got to watch the bride and groom come down the switchbacks to join them! It was so exciting to see that their family made the hike and were all in such good spirits! The sun started to peek over the mountain just in time for their ceremony and lit the lake up a bright turquoise color. It was such an epic morning, and it could not have gone smoother!

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How did they meet:

We met in community college in chemistry class. Randy and I were in our second year of college in 2012.

Natalia’s Impression:

Randy chased me down as I walked to my car to talk to me, and I didn’t even know his name. He was charming and cute! No one had ever approached me in that way, so I knew right away that he would not be like most guys. After that, we began to chat with each other outside of class, and I quickly learned that he was super kind and caring. A few days later, I was walking to my car, and he pulled up next to me and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I was hesitant because I did not know him well, but my gut told me you have to go. We ended up riding around to a lake and just talked for hours. I quickly learned that we had a lot in common, and we began hanging out from then on :).

Randy’s Impression:

When we started our chem class, I noticed Natalia right away because she was the prettiest one in the class. So throughout the semester, I tried to sit next to her or talk to her before and during class. I attempted to get her to notice me any chance I had, but she was utterly oblivious. She didn’t talk much cause she is always very studious. Finally, towards the end of the semester, I knew my time was running short, so after class, she was walking to her car while I was driving my truck past her. I pulled over and asked if she wanted to come for a drive in my truck, and she hasn’t left the shotgun seat since.

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We hiked to the upper ice lake basin in the San Juans, set up camp, cooked dinner, and watched the sun go down, not knowing anything of what would happen the next day. The following day we had breakfast and some hot coffee as we watched the sun come up and light up the peaks above the ice lake. That day we hiked to island lake when Randy surprisingly asked me to be his forever adventure life partner. We hiked above island lake to the pass for amazing views and then back to camp to cook dinner and watched the marmots run around trying to steal our dinner. This was the best backpacking trip of our lives! We had the most beautiful clear skies, and we want to go back to re-live the moments.

hiking wedding attirehiking wedding attire


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